ODC Photo

Who are ODC Photo?

We are a professional photographic business dedicated to supplying bespoke images to our clients.

Why do you need new photos?

Commercial photography is a very powerful marketing tool for any size company and should be utilised to its maximum potential.

How can we help you with your image, credibility and ongoing marketing?

First, we’ll work hard to understand your product or service. Only by doing this can we capture the very best image, in the very best way. And only then can you use it in the most powerful ways: for websites and business cards, marketing campaigns, social media ventures, and even for media presence.

Corporate photography for industry, trades and professional services

We have the experience, skill and intuition to produce the shot you want to represent your business:

– corporate events

– headshots

– on-location

– installation,

– products or services

We can shoot on location, at your business or do pack shots in our own purpose-built studio.

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