Now more than ever, people want to see what they’re buying. This is especially true for large expensive items: bathrooms, kitchens, extensions, gardens and landscaping.

Tradesmen need to showcase every detail of their hard work. Often, a great image (and a customer testimonial) can be the best form of marketing.

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“Before”, “during” and “after” photos

We can help you build (and maintain) an up-to-date portfolio of work to show potential customers, demonstrating your skill, experience and level of craftmanship. Our pictures will highlight your USPs and show the level of detail you work so hard to achieve. Discerning prospects will turn into new clients!

We’re a small company ourselves, so we keep our rates competitive so you can get high-quality images of your most recent work in the quickest possible time. Keep your marketing material fresh and dynamic with professional photos for:

– websites

– brochures

– presentations

– demonstrations to new clients

– leaflets or postcards

– marketing campaigns

– social media sites like your Facebook page, blog or Twitter


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