Choosing the right wedding photographer

Tomorrow, Odyssey Photographic will be exhibiting at a wedding Fair in Woking. It’s the time of year when brides (and grooms!) are starting to plan in earnest, so I thought it would be a good time to give you my advice – from behind the camera – about what to look for in a wedding photographer.

So what are the important factors when people look for a photographer?

Well, surprisingly, it’s not all about the pictures! The photos should almost be taken for granted. You’re booking someone to photograph your wedding, you’d expect them to have professional qualifications, a portfolio with examples of previous work, testimonials from previous clients, professional insurance, multiple cameras, flash guns, batteries etc.  All these factors should be expected and anything less should ring alarm bells.

No, what you should really look for is the potential relationship between you and them. Your wedding photographer will play a big part of your day and you will probably spend more time with them than some of your guests – it is essential that there is a great relationship and that you feel completely comfortable and at ease with them…

A good wedding photographer will
– keep you at ease
– be punctual and ensure all the day runs on time
– most importantly, they will have you in the right place at the right time

Remember, it’s your wedding day, not a photo shoot and it is important that the photographer always has this in mind and keeps you as the priority of the day.

By ensuring your day runs smoothly, you will always be at ease and by keeping you at your ease, your photographer should never have to say ‘smile!’  Only by keeping your day fun, comfortable and ticking along, can we as photographers get the best pictures –  relaxed, natural and perfectly you! – just as they should be.

You then get wonderful photos of a fantsatic day presented in a beautiful album to cherish for the rest of your life…

Don’t take a chance on the only opportunity to capture your perfect day, book a proven professional and enjoy your day for the rest of lives…

Dave Parker, LMPA
Odyssey Photographic

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