Why Hart really is the best place to live….

In the news recently was the result of a survey stating that Hart is the best place  to live in Britain.

Well after a last nights snow fall, I popped out with the camera and captured these shots. All of these pictures are in the middle of the town of Yateley – who says urban living can be boring 😉

When you look at these and think we’re less than an hour from London, sit between two motorways and only 30 minutes from Heathrow, who would argue that this is not the best place to live?!?!?!?!

Taken on a Nikon D3 and quickly processed in Adobe Lightroom, it’s amazing what a quick walk can produce 🙂

And for those of you photo techies, there’s some very interesting tone curves to get these images – a lot of take some here and put it back there!

So get out there with your cameras and capture that snow before it all melts – or at the least, take the dog out – the ones I saw were having a great time 🙂

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