Ansmann Batteries – a professional solution to your rechargable needs…

I thought it worthwhile to share a recent customer experience I received from Ansmann.

Like a lot of you out there I use rechargable batteries and have done for years. After many successful years of using Uniross products (and a couple of bad expereinces with both duracell and Ever Ready) I spent some time looking for the best solution to this continually demandnig area of photographic equipment…

After much deliberating I purchased an Ansmann Digispeed4 Ultra charger complete with 4 x 2850mAh batteries. I can’t quite remember the exact cost but it was definitely a step up from the normal high street offerings.

The batteries themselves seem to last forever! About a month ago I shot a wedding complete with evening coverage. Normally I would expect to change my trusted Uniross batteries at least twice if not three times. However, I shot the whole day and evening with the Ansmann batteries without any loss of charge or performance.

But the icing on the cake was my recent customer experience with them. My charger became faulty and ceased to function. Expecting the normal ‘jumping through hoops’ that now seems to be standard practise with companies after-sales support departments, I was amazed at their service. I received an e-mail as soon as they received the unit to confirm safe delivery. The next day I received an e-mail to say a replacement unit was to be sent out and the following day it duly arrived complete with a new set of batteries in the blister pack and a covering letter explaining the fault.

As a professional photographer who relies on his equipment for his living, this is the sort of service I expect from professional companies and Jeff Tarling at Ansmann certainly delivered that and then some. Well done and a big ‘Thank you’ for that!

So if you’re considering investing in new rechargeable batteries, give Ansmann careful consideration – they won’t be the cheapest but investments never are 🙂

All the best and thanks for reading


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