…when friends drop by…

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OK, so they didn’t quite drop by, we’d talked about doing a shoot for a few weeks but it wasn’t exactly planned either.

As the weather was bad we opted to stay inside.

Utilising a black cotton twill backdrop, 2/3 lights, a coffee table, a little make up and a mixture of ‘Train’ and ‘Incognito’ on the stereo, we spent a couple of hours and many costume changes having fun.

The results above show just what you can do with limited resources – oh, and two very attractive willing volunteers.

We had one light behind and off to one side as well as one/two lights out front varying their power depending on the poses.

The girls were great and really enjoyed the session – as we kept reviewing the images on the PC as we went along, they could instantly see the results and adapt accordingly.

We even spent some time looking at composition angles and colours and how well they work together so it was a learning experience for all!

So next time it rains and you have some spare time, why not get some friends over and have some fun?!??!



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